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Social Security disability is in place to protect citizens who can no longer work due to a physical impairment. You've been paying into Social Security for decades, shouldn't it pay you back in return? For help submitting a Social Security claim or appealing denied requests, hire an experienced attorney at Ortega McGlashan & Professionals right away.

Our Social Security attorneys have been helping clients receive their payments for over 20 years in El Paso, TX and Albuquerque, NM. If you're denied, we'll review your options to decide if a civil suit would be in your best interests.

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Why hire a Social Security attorney?

Why hire a Social Security attorney?

Managing piles of paperwork and fast-approaching deadlines for Social Security claims can make anyone's head spin.

Hiring an attorney can:

  • Improve your odds of being approved
  • Collect and submit the necessary evidence for your case
  • Attend hearings on your behalf
Especially if you need to appeal a denied claim in court, working with an experienced attorney can make the entire process hassle-free.